Magnetic Drilling Machine-Get To Know Its Types, Safety Precautions and Applications

Magnetic Drilling Machine-Get To Know Its Types, Safety Precautions and Applications

    Magnetic drilling machines are tools that help you to drill holes in metals easily. These portable machines are extremely easy to transport and have a magnetic base. They consist of components that help to drill perfect holes as per the requirement. What makes a magnetic drilling machine special is its quick results and being a highly portable alternative to other machines for the same operation. It’s more accurate than a drill press and a hand drilling machine. An accuracy of 0.01mm to 0.05mm can be achieved in Steel or any other magnetic material with this machine. The drill bits are usually made from tungsten carbide or high-speed steel. To produce the right cut, a magnetic drilling machine makes use of the annular cutters, twist drill bits and many other rotary cutters. In addition, these machines can be used to tap threads, countersink, and ream with the exact bits. Apart from the normal machine, magnetic drilling machines equipped with reversible motor and speed controls that are variable can be used for tapping, reaming and countersink operations.  

    Types of Magnetic Drilling Machines

    There are different varieties of magnetic drilling machines available in the market depending on their functionalities and application for which they are used.  Magnetic Drilling Machines are classified into following:

    -  Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling machines

    -  Rail core Magnetic Drilling machines

    -  Automatic & Semi-automatic Magnetic Drilling machines

    -  Horizontal Magnetic Drilling Machines

    -  Hydraulic Magnetic Drilling machines 

    Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

    These types of drilling machines are equipped with a permanent magnet in the motor instead of electromagnets. These machines are mostly used in facilities prone to danger from fire and usage of these machines would make the site safe and secure.  

    Lightweight Magnetic Drilling Machine

    This type of magnetic drilling machine is one of the most commonly seen and used due to its compactness. These machines are used when it’s required to perform multiple operations and the weight of the machine doesn’t matter. Hence these machines can be used on electric poles or towers or on bridges.

    Rail Core Drilling Machines 

    These drilling machines are usually made use to drill holes in the railway track lines. The clamping mechanism associated with this machine makes it possible to get it clamped on the track instead of magnets.

    Automatic And Semi-Automatic Magnetic Drilling machines

    As technology advances, people find it more comfortable to use automatic and semi-automatic machines as they will considerably reduce the job duration and power consumed.  These machines make it possible to automatically feed the jobs.

    Horizontal Magnetic Drill

    These types of magnetic drilling machines are mostly suited for operations to be carried out in a very confined space.

    Hydraulic Magnetic Drill Machines

    As the name suggests, these drilling machines are powered by hydraulic force. Widely used for marine drilling operations, industrial manufacturing units and construction sites, these machines are accepted for its power and compactness.

    Applications of Magnetic Drilling Machines

    Magnetic Drilling machines are most preferred for both on-site and off-site applications. Mostly used in fabrication, construction sites, marine fields, and all in areas where heavy engineering is made use of. Magnetic drilling machines are mostly used for drilling holes as well as repair jobs or at structural steel fabrications units as well as construction sites.  With the advent of technology magnetic drilling machines come in compact size and hence it’s most suited for fabrication or manufacturing units.  Another feature that makes it widely accepted is its vertical as well as horizontal configurability.

    Using a Magnetic Drilling Machine

    - The first and foremost thing to do is to check the functioning of safety switches and make it properly operational followed by placing the magnetic drill followed by carefully feeding the arbor till the pivot point reaches the proper center of the hole where drilling must be done.

     - Lock the magnetic drill with a chain to ensure safety and start the magnetic switch.

    - Turn the handle until the pilot is on top of the job piece / surface. It's important to note that the work area should be free from any clutter.

    - Avoid any stress on the magnetic drilling machine by pressing it too hard.

    - Once the process is finished, discard the slug, turn the magnet off and disconnect the machine from the power source.

     - Clean the area after work.

    What are the safety precautions to be taken while using magnetic drilling machines? 

    -  Always keep in mind not to use the machine in an environment that’s prone to fire or explosion.

    -  Always operate the machine under the supervision of experienced guide

    -  Checking the machine for its proper functioning before the operation is a must.

    -  Make sure the machine is disconnected from the power source once it’s not in operation to avoid any kid of accidents.

    -  Ensure whether the workpiece is clamped properly and refrain from keeping the cables hanging on top of the edges of the machine.

    -  The machine must be kept clean always, any kind of oil or grease must be wiped properly and kept out of reach of children.


    Through the blog, we discussed the various details of Magnetic Drilling machines and the safety measures to be taken while operating it. YES Machinery, UAE is one of the leading suppliers of Magnetic Drilling machines in the Middle East region. High quality machines are brought from Europe to ensure quality and safety and are delivered to the region at competitive prices that meet all your drilling requirements. YES Machinery is also equipped with a trained and experienced sales and service team to help you in any of your sales and service requirements. They are up to date on the most modern cutting and drilling practices. It’s always important that you read the instruction guides before starting to connect and operate the machine to make sure everything pertaining to the machine is set well and in order to get the most accurate performance. Also, choosing the right machine with the right size and design for your requirements will help you get the desired results for your job. We hope this blog has been beneficial for you in understanding about the Magnetic Drilling machine and choosing the right one for your requirements.

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