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Punching / Sheet Metal Processing MachinesBS Punching Systems - BS di Bazzani Daniela & C. S.a.s. : ItalyIntroduction:BS punching provides productive solutions developed through out this period in the areas of sheet metal processing, profiles and tubes.Products in BS:BS products are classified into three modes for product manufacturing.- Tubular processing. - Sheet Metal Processing.- Special Machines.Tubular processingRegular CNC machines and Hydraulic or mechanical equipment are used f...

Punching / Sheet Metal Processing Machines

BS Punching Systems - BS di Bazzani Daniela & C. S.a.s. : Italy


BS punching provides productive solutions developed through out this period in the areas of sheet metal processing, profiles and tubes.

Products in BS:

BS products are classified into three modes for product manufacturing.

- Tubular processing.

 - Sheet Metal Processing.

- Special Machines.

Tubular processing

Regular CNC machines and Hydraulic or mechanical equipment are used for punching, drilling and tube laser cutting.

CNC Punching M/C’s

P-80 Punching machines with vertical hydraulic cylinder.

Application: Single tube, Punch Mold :4 Punches, Size: 80mm*80mm30mm*120mm, Capacity: 20 Tons.

P-80 2C Punching Machine with a two horizontal cylinders.

Application: Single tube, Punch mold: 3+3 in tubular section, Size: 80*80mm,30*120mm, Capacity 12.5 tons, 2 sides of tube at same time.

P80-2T Punching machines with a vertical Hydraulic Cylinder.

Application:  Punching 2 no’s tubes at a time, Punch Mold: 4+4, Capacity: 30 tons, sizes: 60*60mm / 30*120mm.

P80-2C2T Punching machine with two Hydraulic cylinders.

Application: Punching 2 sides of tubular sections with 2 molds and 2 tubes at a time, Punch Mold :4 molds, Capacity: 12.5 tons, Size: 60*60mm / 30*120mm.

P80-3C Punching Machine with a vertical Hydraulic cylinder & 2 Horizontal hydraulic cylinders.

Application: Punching 4 sides of the tube, Capacity : 2.5 Tons , Size : 80mm*80mm.

P80-M Punching with a vertical Hydraulic cylinder.

Application: Manual Mode of Operation, 1 tube Punching, Replacement of mold to different sizes, Capacity: 20 tons, Size: 80*80mm/ 30*120mm.

P80-S Special punching machine for a round pipe length 7500mm for punching holes with deformation.

Automatic punching suitable to process round tube, square, rectangular and to realize blind or passing through holes, with deformation of the tubular.

PT 5-2-2 punching machine with 5 hydraulic units for punching with deformation on stainless steel round tubes.

This has 2 motorized axes horizontal and vertical to achieve round holes with deformation on one or two side of the tube to accomplish blind or through hole through each holes at stroke.

CNC Drilling M/C’s

2 Heads Drilling Machine 2 “T”

Drilling machine with 2 no’s motorized drilling units, both ends tubular drilling, siemens plc & Automatic lubrication. 

3 Heads Drilling Machine 3 “T”

Automatic Drilling machine with 3 motorized drilling unit with a vertical movement, can adjust the stroke and speed.

9 Heads Drilling Machine 9 “T”

Automatic drilling machine with 9 heads suitable to carry up to 10 holes with different distance and each unit equipped with automatic lubricating device.

Hydraulic Units / Molds

Hydraulic punching units for tubes and profiles

These units can punch straight or already bent tubes and profiles, both with or without internal matrix supplied with hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic notching unit for tubular

Hydraulic cylinder mounted sideways, suitable to realize, at a stroke, the notching of the right and the left end of the tube. The unit can be complete with electric panel and support bench.

Punching molds for tubes and profiles

The molds can be used with mechanical presses, press brakes or hydraulic presses. Punching molds for tubular, with internal die to avoid the deformation of the tube.

Notching mold for tubes

Equipment suitable to realize the notching of the end of the tubular, such as to allow the coupling by welding. The tool is to be placed under a press and run into a single measure, the right and left blanking. Return of punch is dependent on the RAM press.

Sheet Metal Processing

BS has experience for providing solution for sheet metal punching from Class “C” frame punching units to complex punching bench, insertable into processing lines form coil via single work station to entire punching lines.

Punching benches for Coil lines

BS designs and manufactures punching benches to integrate sheet metal working line. These lines are typically punching from coils or profiling.

Punching Molds

BS can realize specific punching molds that allow the execution of more complex processing, compared to those achievable with the punching units. Each mold has dedicated technical features such as: the stroke required, the overall dimensions and the return of the punch holder plate.

Hydraulic Workstations.

All stations are equipped with molds for different processes and are equipped with steel presses with a C-shaped structures.

They are provided for the use of 4 hydraulic presses, so that several operators can work at the same time. The workstation can also be realized with 2 specular benches, complete with independent hydraulic punching unit for the realization of holes in different positions.

Coil Punching lines.

The coil punching line is particularly suitable for the manufacture of products with 2 sides corresponding to the edges of the sheet metal strip. Such processing philosophy determines a scrap rate of 1% maximum within the coil.

- Punching Notching & shearing units.

Shearing units: Maximum width 250mm-700mm, Thickness 3mm-6mm.

Notching units: Depth 150*150mm, Round off Angle : 90 Deg, Variable Angle tools adjust up to 30 deg -180 deg.

Punching units: Iron or steel units, with a "C" structure in which are located the punch, the die and the blank holder.

 - Special Machines

BS Provides Solutions for special case of folding, Assembly, drilling & punching of sheet metal profiles and tubular.

CNC bending for Aluminum bar.

Automatic machine for bending aluminum extruded, bending island has been designed with two workstations mounted frontally to one another, Profiles creation 04, 2+2 folds

- Automatic Punching line for Radiators.

Aluminum thickness: 2 mm, width 120-2000mm length , Mold : 01 no’s, Stations 02, Mold can be replaced.


P80 Punching machine


P80-2C Punching machine


P80-2C2T - Punching machine


P80-2T - Punching machine


P80-3C - Punching machine


P80-M - Punching machine


PT 5-2.2 - Punching machine

BS Punching System

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