Industrial Vacuum Cleaner To A Major Cement Manufacturer

    Our client is a major cement manufacturer in UAE. As it’s obvious a cement manufacturing factory will be loaded with piles of residue dusts that needs to be flushed out timely for health and safety reasons. The client already has a bigger system for cleaning the pits and conveyors in the cement plant. Cement Industry always have dust related issues and one of the issues was the dust entering their electrical panel. We provided them a solution with Wieland VacPro 16 Vacuum Cleaner with special suction tools made of plastic instead of the standard metal ones. With these tools the operators can even clean the live panel safely without the risk of an electric shock. The powerful 3.6 KW turbo blower gives sufficient suction capacity to suck dust even from the unreachable corners and narrow slots. Wieland specialises in such customised applications and takes pride solving them.
    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to a major cement manufacturer. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to a major cement manufacturer

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