Glass Lifters For Safe Material Handling

Glass Lifters For Safe Material Handling

    Glass lifters are one of the major equipment used for glazing projects. They are utilized to lift and transfer glass with great ease without any damage. In this blog, let’s discuss glass lifters - types, important things to be considered, safety guidelines, where to find the right glass lifters etc.

    What Are Glass Lifters And How Do They Work?

    Glass lifters use suction technology to attach glass panels and lift and move them from one point to another during installation or transport. Suction process works by drawing air in between the suction pad of the glass lifter and the glass  panel to be lifted. Due to its reliable gripping, operators can easily lift and move the sandwich panels.

    Glass lifters are available in various models based on the size and lifting and rotating capacity. Different models are available that either can be operated manually with the help of power or by suction. Portable glass listers are also available which have manual suction lifting options through handle, suction pad and release valence and they are found to be used most widely in the projects. Sandwich panels weighting huge tons could be easily lifted with the help of glass lifters. 

    Of all the glass lifters available, vacuum glass lifters are widely preferred in projects.

    Types Of Glass Lifters

    Different types of glass lifters are available in today’s market and choosing the right glass lifter will depend on the type of material, the weight of the material to be lifted etc.

    Curved And Corner Lifters

    As the name suggests curved and corner lifters can be quite practical in compact shaped spaces by eliminating the difficulties in placing glass panels in contoured balustrades and complicated shaped spaces. 

    Equipped with extraordinary swivel arms  and lifting capacity makes them ideal for glass handling projects that need extra flexibility. 

    Smooth Glass Lifters

    Smooth glass panel lifters are ideal for lifting ceramic plates, glass panels, coated boards, plastic boards and sheet metals. They are suitable for lifting non-porous materials. Hydraulic tult feature helps them to position the material and manual locking for rotation is also available.

    Textured Glass Vacuum Lifter

    In textured lifters, lifting is possible on textured glass panels  by building a vacuum with a closed cell foam seal. These glass lifters are mainly used for lifting textured glass panels.

    How To Choose The Right Vacuum Glass Lifter For Your Project?

    Choosing the right vacuum glass lifter is very important as it helps in proper lifting of glass panels. With immense experience in the industry, YES Machinery provides the best glass lifters for rent in the Middle East region.

    Lifting Capacity

    In the rental fleet available with YES Machinery vacuum lifters are available based on the weight that can be lifted. Glass lifters with different weight lifting capacities are available to ensure smooth and safe lifting of sandwich panels.Lifting capacity is a very important parameter as any failure to use the right glass lifters can put the operators on side at risk as there are chances for the dropping the load. 

    At YES Machinery, glass lifters capable of lifting loads up to a maximum of 800 kgs are available for rent.

    Safety Features

    Today, glass lifters with numerous user-specific security features incorporated are available. It’s important that the lifting and other extra features like rotating, locking etc are included as per the safety guidelines and that it does not harm the operator or anyone in the site. Important safety features that need to be included in any vacuum glass lifters are auditory or low vacuum indicator alerts with lights. At YES Machinery, all the glass panel lifters meet the safety standards -CE, ASME and are properly tested and maintained on a regular basis, 


    We all agree that the advancements in glass and sandwich panel lifting has made the lifting jobs much easier. In the real estate and construction sectors.  Since these sectors normally prefer glass lifters to be taken on hire as the requirements are often short term, renting lifters from reliable brands will make sure you get the most modern equipment with all the safety tests passed at the best price. At YES Machinery, you can choose to rent the world’s best brand glass lifters at flexible payment options. - be it daily, weekly or monthly.

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