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Baumann is the Market Leader and a proven supplier of Side Loader Trucks across the globe over the last 5 decades. They are known for Developing, Designing and producing World’s most advanced and innovative side loaders. YES machinery is the authorized agent for Side Loaders for GCC region (UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain).

The company emphasises on its specialities of using high quality components and effective and systematized manufacturing process. The trucks are specially designed for handling, loading/ unloading extremely long and heavy loads over normal and adverse surfaces enhancing its possibilities over a wide range of industries. Apart from having a wide range of products that best suits, each customer’s requirements, Baumann has also got an array of Attachments that can be used over the Trucks according to the context of usage. They are known for their Innovative Development Team and Professional after Sale Support.

The Trucks from Baumann have capacity of handling loads up to 50 tonnes and operates on various power sources. They do also bear the credit of developing Tailor made solutions for Industrial Handling & Automation at Adverse Terrains.

Model Capacity Advantage Power Source
BAUMANN HX 30 – 50 3 – 5 t Agile and User Friendly Diesel or LPG
BAUMANN GX 50 - 80L NEW 5 – 8 t Accessible and Service Friendly Baumann patented outreach system
BAUMANN GX 50 - 75 5 – 7.5 t Robust and Reliable Diesel or LPG
BAUMANN GS 80 - 120 8 – 12 t Safe Performance Diesel Cummins Euro 5 engine
BAUMANN GXS/GS 150 - 500 15 – 50 t Tailor-made Diesel
BAUMANN EHX/EGX 30 - 80L 3 – 8 t Effective Energy Management Battery Powered
E-BAUMANN FOXX-Multidirectional 3 – 4 t Space saving Battery Powered

Steel Applications

Plastic/PVC Application

Wood/Timber Application